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Closing on an investment soon? Why the %*#$ do I need insurance?

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Why buy insurance for your startup?

Question from a first-time entrepreneurs: Why do I need insurance and what kinds? A new business may not need insurance immediately, especially if it's just two buddies working on an 'idea' together; however, if they intend to make money from their idea, they will need services from a variety of providers. First, a startup will generally need a lawyer to incorporate a company; this entity will help define which buddy owns what of the idea/thing. Next, the company will need a tax ID which can be obtained at no cost from; the tax id (EIN) is used for such things as establishing bank accounts, payroll, federal and state tax returns, and more. Third, the company may need insurance to cover and mitigate business risks (note: Crowdfunded deals need to think of insurance in a different way.)

For an early-stage business (e.g. an idea or thing still being developed), a business probably doesn't need much insurance until it hires someone or takes money from friends, family or actual accredited investors.

If the business works in an incubator or with an accelerator, the incubator's insurance may already cover the business while it operates on the premises; however, once a company has an employee or two, it will need workers compensation insurance (most states require) and a Business Owners Policy (BOP). BOP covers all sorts a crazy risks that will probably never happen, but will let you sleep at night knowing your business is protected. There is a lot to think about when starting a company. Let E&I Risk help you make the right decisions to lower your risk.